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Nice Themes

Beitrag von Forum Member » 16. Mär 2020, 17:42

Nice themes you have there Tastenplayer. My personal favorite is the Prosilver-Color-Blinds.

Edit: Graphit is also a good theme.

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Re: Nice Themes

Beitrag von Forum Member » 19. Mär 2020, 11:26

Thank you for the flowers :) .

The ProsilverColor-blinds is actually an almost normal Prosilver only without color.

The Graphit was a help gift from Talk19Zehn in my first style trial topic on (but only a basic framework and looked quite different).
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Unfortunately neither on my emergency notebook nor on my 3 external hard disks I have a picture of the Graphit received. Therefore I have to boot the defective computer first (all cables have to be replugged). I still have to do this on the weekend.
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