[RC] Food and Wine

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[RC] Food and Wine

Beitrag von Forum Member » 29. Aug 2020, 21:41

It started with a style play by Bertie for the Bertie topic :lol: .
I took also the Food and Wine out of the drawer. It just looked too cheap, like in old phpBB versions, not to say horrible. That's why I wanted to eliminate him first.
Now only the header image reminds of the forerunner! download/file.php?id=719&mode=viewThe shopping cart icon was indeed the hit. But the other shopping carts were barely recognizable as icons and nothing really fit.

Stylename: Food and Wine
Styleversion: 3.2.10
phpBB version: 3.2.10
A very lightgray(porcelain white) black with a little light blue and lilac style, matching the theme of food and wine.
The window in the middle of the header is the responsive logo. The rest is the responsive header background image (But the logo must go over the whole width, transparent background, as in my demo logo. Otherwise it will not work).
The icons are most based on the icons of AnnaliseArt https://pixabay.com/de/users/annaliseart-7089643/
Neutral transparent metal-style icons
foren_and_topicicons neutral.jpg
The icons are based on icons from the site mysitemyway.com, which has been closed for some time. They look equally good in any display.
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Prosilver of the respective version must be installed

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